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Come Along With Us . With New Green TD Updates.



 Green TD is  Classic Warcraft 3 Tower Defense: Build Towers and upgrade them to resist to the creep waves! Killing the Creeps gives you gold that you can use for building new towers or upgrade existing ones! also you can build hero and buy item for that! actually you have hero beside your tower ! Play as a team to resist all Waves of Green TD!


Shadow - Project Founder

aDvin - Editor Map

Map Testers - Mamad Impatient , Amir #Thedevil

LoadScreen Designer - Javad [e]3cape

Special thanks goes to Community Iranbattle




Feel free to ask, discuss or complain about Green TD Mega or anything TD-related at our forum.

Open for suggestions

You have an idea that you think should be implemented in Green TD Mega? Share it with us!


Please do discuss and debate with us over any aspect of the map!

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