Green TD Mega v4 Changelog



Mode Insane Added (+15 Armor)
Every 6 Wave Invisible unit Coming

Players can Make one more worker ( 1 Food Added)

Commands :

Weather Commands Added
-Weather rain
-Weather moonlight
-Weather wind
-Weather snow
-Weather random
-Weather off

Command Movespeed Added ( For See Speed Hero)

Ward Tower Added (For See invisible Unit) (New Tower)

Hunter Tower Added (new Tower)

Item Power Treads Added


Item: Effect Radiance Changed


Model King Tower Changed
Wood Needed For King Tower Changed

Air Tower 11:Amazing Balanced


Gold Wave 36 - 37 - 38 - 39 - 40 Balanced

Movment Type Wave 39 Fixed

Hero: Damage Queen Of Darkness Changed
Hero: Movespeed Queen Of Darkness Changed
Hero: Effect StarFall (Ability) Changed

Summoner: Damage From 8 to 12 Changed
Summoner: From Now Can Atack to air Waves



Name Last Upgrade Each Tower Changed

Choas Towers  Renamed To Other Towers . and Players Can For Cerete Ward Tower , Choas tower , Destruction Tower , Critical Tower ,  Poison Tower , Bash Tower Use This Tower

Sell Tower  Changed: Ultimate Upgrade Each Tower 50% Gold Return

Sell Normal Tower  100% Gold Return

From now Siege Tower Have 21 Upgrade And Last 5 Upgrade From this Tower Removed ,


Guard Tower Added ,


Sell Bug Critical Towers Fixed


Sell Tower From King Tower Removed

Range King tower From 900 To 500 Changed

Damage Type King Tower from Chaos To Siege Changed

Damage Hunter Towers From 1000 - 2000 -3000 To 500 - 1000 -1500 Changed (For Balance)


Gold Wave 37 , 38 , 39 , 40 Balanced

For Wave 5 Abillity 40% miss Added


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